this and that from various weeks

So remember that time I thought I’d still have time to blog as I did my PhD? Well wasn’t that a hilarious fiction. Next week I turn in a really significant document to my journey and then I plan to return to this forum again. But again, that could be a hilarious fiction. Anyway. I wanted to throw some of these things out there. It’s bits and bobs which have been making me happy over the past month(s, possibly).

Raising a Powerful Girl from PBS

Lent is a chance to imagine a changed world from The Guardian

Happy Things Happening in Waco from Sports Illustrated

This playlist on 8Tracks

This list from Sarah Bessey

Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast from NPR

In a related note, I’ve read some really excellent books lately but they’re all part of my nerd life. If, however, you are interested in Ulster Protestantism, you must pick up Northern Protestants: An Unsettled People by Susan McKay. In an unrelated topic, if you’re interested in dystopian YA fiction, then you must pick up Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. If you’re interested in really good music which includes fiddles, you must get some stuff by the Dubliners and the Wolf Tones.


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